Bike website to have print version

The publishers of are to launch a glossy consumer mag on a shoestring budget. Singletrack magazine for 'thirtysomething' XC riders has a fine list of contributors and will be published in March. The unwieldy GoFar-MTB moniker changes to

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ACT kicks Cycle Industry into touch

The long-running agreement between the Association of Cycle Traders and the UK trade magazine Cycle Industry has come to an end. Cycle Industry is now a requested readership magazine, unlike BicycleBusiness and BTI, both of which go out free of charge to the whole UK bicycle trade

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Lids on kids vid gets nasty

BHIT, the helmet charity, is accused of using scare tactics in a new video to encourage children to wear cycle helmets. Is portraying cycling as a dangerous activity more likely to stop kids cycling rather than make them don head protection?

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