BikeBiz mini-banners demonstrate that less is more

We're going to sell just nine mini-banners (four have gone already) and these will be on rotation on the right-hand side of the site, directly above the BBS and sits vac graphic links. These banners are half the size of our normal banners but, being hi-vis, create much more of an impact. And go for the Titanium or Alumunium package and you can make your ad appear more often...

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Saints be praised, Shimano to release DH/cliff-jumping gruppo

Every year it's a mad scramble to be the first website with pix of next year's Shimano kit. BikeBiz gets the same invite to the official media launch as the consumer mags, and is also gagged by the same non-disclosure agreements, but with 'underground' sites publishing OEM spec sheets, it's now very difficult for the wraps to kept on anymore. Here are a selection of 'offically sanctioned' sites with the Shimano news, and one underground one...

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Bike Week 2004 remains unfunded

At the Cycling Forum for England, BikeBiz asked Steve Norris whether he would be reconsidering his advice to the DfT over the withdrawal of financial support for Bike Week. BikeBiz understands that the Bike Week stakeholders will be applying for Cycle Challenge funding, a backdoor way of securing the promotional week's future

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