Euretco appoints ‘international formula manager’

Saskia Doornekamp joined Euretco Tweewielers B.V. on March 1st. She will be in charge of implementing Euretco's retail formula in Benelux, Germany and the UK. An MD for the Dutch retail services group's UK office is expected to be appointed soon: the final two candidates will be interviewed at the Breda HQ soon.

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Let’s create a new perception of a thriving culture of cyclists, argues US IBD org report

War, weather and worry are the main blockages stopping consumers spending in the US, just as in the UK, but the latest Jay Townley authored report for the National Bicycle Dealers Association finds some silver linings, including the bigger US IBDs doing what those in the UK are doing: expanding. And there are opportunities for all 'speciality bicycle retailers', even in a downturn, argues Townley.

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Death of pro-rider may lead to calls for helmet compulsion

29-year-old Andrei Kivilev, a leading light of the Cofidis team, died this morning after a collision with another rider on the Paris-Nice race yesterday. His death was caused by a fractured skull. He wasn't wearing a helmet. Pro cyclists will now be under greater pressure to wear helmets in those countries that currently do not require competition cyclists to wear them. And such a death is also likely to be used as 'evidence' for helmet compulsion for all cyclists.

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