Latest is beefed up for re-launch

At long last, the website of Britain's biggest-selling bike mag is getting regular content placed on its website. For way too long it has existed as not much more than a lively bulletin board with minimal editorial input. The 'third-time lucky' site went live yesterday afternoon.

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WADA’s World Anti-Doping Code is ratified

73 countries yesterday committed to the Code at the close of the the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Copenhagen. Take-up of the Code has a deadline – the first day of competition at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. And cycling features on this first day: the Olympics kicks off with a cycle road-race around Athens.

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April 9th Budget will feature cash incentives to cycle

Cycle orgs such as the Bicycle Association of GB pay good money to keep CPAG operating. The Cyclists' Public Affairs Group is a tiny, but influential, organisation that has the navigational nous to find its way around the corridors of power. CPAG's Olly Hatch and Transport 2000's Lyn Sloman appear to have succeeded in getting "fiscal mechanisms that support cycling" in to the 2003 Budget Statement.

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