Government thinktank says Labour’s 10 Year Plan for Transport is failing bigtime

The Commission for Integrated Transport today published its annual assessment report on the Department of Transport's progress in delivering the 10 Year Plan for Transport. This wanted to see a tripling of cycle trips by 2010. Cycle use has grown but it's not to target. And on Wednesday the government is expected to announce a huge, new road-building programme that will concrete the UK at the same time as the DfT devolves the cycle projects funding onus on to local authorities.

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Do you look like Jean-Marie Leblanc?

If so, you'll get free entry to Cycle 2003. The Procycling stand at the show will be dominated by a certain red Alfa Romeo but the great man himself will not be in it, hence the need for a stand-in (or should that be 'stand-up' because the Leblanc lookalike needs to poke his head through the Alfa's trademark cut-away roof)

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Halfords pulls chimp ads

Sort of. The scheduled run of TV ads in July will continue with the shot-in-America chimps-on-bikes footage but the company has promised not to air the ads again, and will not use chimps in any future advertising campaigns

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