Cannondale secures interim loan; founder writes open letter to IBDs and consumers

Cannondale has received interim approval from the bankruptcy court handling its Chapter 11 proceedings to borrow up to $4.9 m to keep the business running. And, in a letter to "our customers; past, present and future...", Cannondale's founder and president said that supplies of components were in better shape than before the bankruptcy filing and that companies such as Harley-Davidson, Macy's, and Toys 'R' Us have been strengthened after coming out the other end of Chapter 11.

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York’s cycle cops need top kit and sponsorship

The four-man Community Cycle Unit, based in York city centre, is to be expanded, with up to six new pedalling officers being recruited. But this expansion requires sponsorship, and the provision of tough kit. The York cycle cops - like biking police all over the world - make many more arrests than their soft, air-conditioned, hamburger-fueled car-bound colleagues. And they take less 'sickies' too. Er, none in fact.

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Safer Streets Coalition urges transport secretary to force motorists to drive slower

Kill somebody with a handgun and you go to jail. Kill somebody with a car and you may, if your barrister isn't so sharp, get a temporary driving ban. The diverse organisations in the Safer Streets Coalition - from CTC to the National Federation of Women's Institutes - have penned a letter to Alistair Darling MP demanding tougher laws to protect children, cyclists and pedestrians from the unthinking, selfish, downright crazy behaviour of the millions of motorists who routinely break speed limits in built-up areas.

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