Drip-dripped Dura Ace info guarantees generous exposure

Yet more details about Dura Ace 2004 have been released by Shimano Europe. The piece-meal fashion of the media releases is clever: Shimano's top-end road group is going to get multiple mentions on bike-related consumer news sites around the world. Today, feast your eyes on CAD drawings of the Dura Ace brake lever-shifters...

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The weather Gods smile on UK bike trade

It's going to a hot week, with summer-like temperatures lasting until the weekend. Great, but is a deluge forecast for the critically-important-to-the-bike-trade Easter Bank Holiday weekend? Nope. It'll be cooler but it'll still be wall-to-wall sunshine. IBDs: get your bike and P&A orders in today, it's going to be a sell-out few days. And, get this, a leading weather expert reckons it's going to be mostly fine right though until June!

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BA’s president elect calls for cycle orgs to work as one

Raleigh chairman Phillip Darnton is in the Nottingham company's employ until the end of April. He then leads the marketing push for the National Cycling Strategy Board and will soon be elected president of the Bicycle Association, after the withdrawal of would-be president Hamish Stewart of Weldtite. Darnton believes we would all be better served by organisations that fought not with each other but for the greater good of cycling.

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Euretco increases TO and GP in flat market

The soft-franchise operation behind 'Profile the Bicycle Specialist' is a small part of Euretco, a €1bn retail group based in the Netherlands with retail services offshoots, own-brands and its own shops. The group increased its turnover by 5.3 percent, with Euretco Tweewielers increasing by 12.7 percent. In 2002, Euretco achieved profits of €13.3m.

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Two-wheeled film fest planned for Bike Week

The Phoenix Theatre in Leicester will showcase cycle-related movies from Australia, Italy, China, America, Finland, France and the UK, including classics such as BMX Bandits, Bicycle Thieves, American Flyers, Beijing Bicycle, Cyclomania, A Sunday in Hell and A Day Out. The event is backed up with promotions from Leicester City Council and local IBDs.

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