Latest experiences 40 percent growth year-on-year

The US company has said its site had 450 000 'unique visitors' in March 2003. It's claimed these were "cyclists of all types". Of course, 'unique visitors' is a hard measurement to pin down, especially as many could be repeat visitors, but the easier-to-quantify dealer locator was used 50 000 times in the same period.

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Syncros changes hands again

The brand has now been bought by Ritchey Design, reports Earlier this year there was a tussle between US-based Pacific Cycles and Super Cycles of Nottingham over who owned the Syncros name in Europe. Pacific spent a great deal of time and money on defending its (expired) copyright on the Syncros name

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Bike rides and a BBQ at Fisher’s May Festival

Fisher Outdoor Leisure sent out letters last week informing IBDs of the mid-May open days at the St Albans HQ. However, there were scant details of what would actually be happening. So, here's the first rough idea of what could be on offer if everything goes to plan...

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