Boehmke wants to ‘change the world through better bike component design’

JD Components, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Razor kick-scooters and bicycle handlebars, stems, seatposts and bar-ends, has hired Steve Boehmke of PR-and-product development consultancy Chunky Flyrite Enterprises of the US to talk it up. Boehmke is a US bike industry stalwart and wants to use his multi-tasking role with JD Components as a means of raising the profile of cycling in general.

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Giant plugged in Wall Street Journal

The European edition of the US financial newspaper recently carried a long feature on the bike-building behemoth, citing it as only one of two 'international' Taiwanese corporate brands. Giant was held up as a text book example of creating a world-beating own-brand from scratch, something Taiwanese contract manufacturing companies could learn from...

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Department of Transport to run bike helmet campaign

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust may want mandatory helmet wearing but as Angela Lee, Be-Hit's director, believes the government to be "wimps" for not instigating such a law, she may well think the DoT's pro-helmet campaign to be a cop-out. Of course, cycle advocacy groups, and much of the bike industry, will be worried that the DoT campaign will use scare tactics to get people to don head protection, something that will deter cycle use across the board.

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Shimano continues sponsorship of US Postal team

The Japanese component manufacturer will also be supporting Kelme, Rabobank, Domina Vacanza, Gerolsteiner, Euskaltel,, Credit Agricole, Jean Delatour, Lampre, De Nardi, Panaria, Fakta, Palmans, Bankgiroloterij, Maia Boavista, Barbot/Torrie, S. Joao Ver Lamonta and, indirectly, Team Titch.

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