Elaine Curtin seeks freelance work

Elaine Curtin has long experience in the bike trade. She staged Future's first two 'Bike' shows, has sold ads for Mark Noble's 'Ride BMX' magazine, and was part of the organising team that worked on the BA/CTC's York bash (she was behind the bits that worked)

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Tube Investments is history

Before it was sold in 1986 Raleigh used to be called TI Raleigh. And Reynolds used to be TI Reynolds. The TI stood for Tube Investments, once one of the 30 biggest companies in the UK. Now the TI name is to be consigned to history as the TI Group joins with Smiths Industries

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You could become a cycling champion

That could be a rallying cry to get more runners, rowers, skaters, swimmers etc on bikes. Both Yvonne McGregor and Jason Quelly are relative latecomers to cycling. And its not just sports stars we could be grooming...

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