A database to die for?

Imagine having a database which listed all of the products of all of the main suppliers which you could easily add to your website, pictures included. Then imagine that any changes were modified automatically, keeping your website bang up to date. Furthermore, imagine that this database was dynamically linked to your EPoS system. It could all be a reality soon thanks to Mane Systems and Simon Watts

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Tools for the trade from IBD-friendly website

The new Shop managers button on takes you straight into the IBD section where you can update details on your shop and for free customise an online customer creation and retention programme. And the long-promised free microsite web space is now up and running.

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These pedalling Playmates love Lycra

The US branch of Castelli emailed BikeBiz to tell us about their new shorts insert and their new designs for the Italian racing team in the Olympics. Fascinating. But then the bit at the bottom caught our attention: the company is also sponsoring the PLAYBOY XTREME TEAM. Now thats news! (NB This article contains images and may take a while to download)

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