Cycling on journo’s radar

For news stories to be featured across a range of media they need to make it onto the Press Assocation forward list. The PA has journalists who file copy that most national and local newspapers use without crediting. Here's the text filed for the start of the most important week in British cycling's history!

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Wot? No tie in?

Thousands of cyclists took part in the annual London to Brighton bike ride yesterday, with the aim of raising £2 million for the British Heart Foundation. But, forgive us if there was one, but where was the tie in with either the launch of the National Cycle Network or the National Cycling Festival 2000?

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Does BikeBiz work?

Is the Pope a Catholic? However, dont believe us, listen to what our advertisers say... (There now follows a commercial announcement on why, if youre ever in the market for placing a job or brand ad, youd be nuts to spend your cash anywhere else but BicycleBusiness)

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