INTERBIKE: Forget the cheetah skin, you could drag your logo through the dirt

Sweetskinz Inc. has developed a range of patterned tyres. There’s a camo version, a tyre with cheetah spots, a Yin Yang pattern and a tyre with a sidewall decorated with a Celtic motif. But these aren’t paintjobs, try as you might, the patterns will last as long as the tyre as they’re right through the moulding. And it’s not just a novelty: race teams could have tyres that featured sponsor logos. Even bike shops could order bespoke tyres.

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INTERBIKE: Derby Cycle Corp bites the dust; ‘Raleigh Cycle Ltd.’ takes over this morning helped to steet Alan Finden-Crofts to the Derby Cycle Corporation stand as he entered Interbike. As he got closer to the stand, Derby's overseas agents greeted him warmly, and he was extremely well received by Derby execs and staffers: they've now got jobs they can rely on. Had Trek, Huffy or Pacific successfully bid for DCC, Derby jobs around the world may have evaporated. So, what are AFC's plans now that he's the president and CEO of the new owner of Raleigh and Diamondback?

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INTERBIKE: God Bless America

Since the mad, bad terrorist attacks on US targets on 11th September there’s been an upsurge in patriotic fervour in America. Everywhere you go there are US flags, including on half the population. But this fervour is understandable when America is just so brilliant at stuff. And that includes staging a bicycle trade show.

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