List blitz

There now follows a commercial interlude demonstrating why youd have to be bonkers to miss out on advertising in the BikeBizBible. Weve yet to do a pukka mail out for B3 yet the back covers gone already. Suppliers and IBDs who want to get noticed should read on...

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Giant folds

That got your attention, didn't it? Sorry. Cheap stunt. Anyway here's visual proof that the new Giant folding bike is a break from the norm

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Bikes to basics

The first All Party Group of MPs in the Welsh Assembly is to be the All Party Cycling Group mirrored on the MPs cycling group at the Houses of Parliament

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Top tips from Taiwan

The selling season has now started. For 2001, that is. Foot-weary Brit visitors to the Taipei International Cycle Show are now flying back home after the four day Taiwanese trade show. But we plugged them for the hot gossip first...

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