Improve your search engine ranking

This article was first posted to our bulletin board by bike-trade website designer Simon Watts in response to a news story on a non bike trade company who claimed they guaranteed getting you in the top end of any search engine search.

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Devil finds work for idle hands

With one mag just gone, and more to follow, there will be more bike trade journos milling around than there are jobs for. Some of them may wish to re-locate to the US. Here's a few jobs they could apply for!

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SRAM v Shimano: Round two

SRAM Germany alleges that Shimano dumped its Japanese internal-gear hubs on the European market and on July 6th initiated a complaint to the European Commission. Shimano claims that if duties are imposed on their Nexus hubs this would be injurious to the European bicycle trade, already suffering from delays in hub gear supply, and that product innovation would be hindered

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