FMD causes cancellation of Bath and West Show

So? What’s an agricultural show got to do with cycling? Plenty. In a similar fashion to Future’s MBUK on Tour, Giant, SRAM and IPC are the headline sponsors of Pedal Power, a pro-bike roadshow that takes cycling to a non-cycling audience. The first event may be off but there are many more public shows for Pedal Power to strut its stuff at

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Farming for new customers

CoBR lends a hand in the creation of a new adventure sports park, based on former farmland in Buckinghamshire. As well as paramotoring and zorbing, the plastic sphere ride invented in New Zealand, there’s to be an MTB track and a family cycling course.

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Tories woo motorists with fuel bribes and a Right to Drive policy

The party that, when in power, recognised the car was not king, is not just jumping on the pro-motorist band-waggon, it is steering it and doing 50mph in a 30mph zone. Cheaper petrol, more of Britain to disappear under tarmac, the scrapping of bus lanes: is this really the party that launched a pro-cycling policy less than three months ago?

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CTC say bridleways should open

They may only account for 11 percent of the UK rights of way network but bridleways are essential for cyclists. The CTC was last week instrumental in getting the DETR to include cyclists in its FMD access framework document, but the campaigning organisation is now pushing for bridleways to be opened sooner rather than later

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