Sturmey Archer: what went wrong?

REVISED: Ive been writing reports all week about the Sturmey Archer collapse. This is the latest version of events. It might be best to print out all these Sturmey articles because itll take you for ever to read them online

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Peace and quiet in Euro town centres

Tomorrow, the European initiative In Town, Without My Car! - co-ordinated in Britain by ETA (the Environmental Transport Association, not the Basque terrorist group!) - will witness 800+ towns and cities in Europe and beyond closing their town centre streets to motor traffic.

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Do you want chips with that?

Shimano wants us all to become silicon cyclists with on-board cycle computers that dont just switch the gears electronically but also automatically alter the front and rear suspension to give a smoother ride. PLUS: ABS bike brakes from a schoolboy inventor

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CTC speeds into action

There have been complaints on this site that cycling organisations werent quick enough to exploit the media opportunities offered by the recent fuel crisis. Nobody could complain about the CTCs speed on yesterdays price cut pledge by the Tories

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