Geeing up the punters horsey style

The main horse racing body is to spend £10m over the next three years in a campaign to enthuse 18 to 35 year olds and families. Just the type of people the bike trade wants to influence too and that's why any cash raised for PR/marketing from the levy is spent carefully because it ain't going to be £10m worth

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Ron Kit library opens in Otley

And its a treasure trove of cycling memorabilia including CTC Gazettes from the turn of the century, original Helms cartoons, advertising posters from the 1920s and trade magazines from the 1930s to the present day. Boring? Fusty? Not a bit of it, if you have the slighest interest in where cycling is going, its instructive to find out where it came from...

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York Rally: is a positive spin possible?

A number of the high-ups involved with the National Cycling Festival 2000 are saying the cycle trade media is happiest when theres bad news to report. Heres why this is untrue. (And read on for the actual number of paying visitors to the show it'll shock you!)

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30 000 people missing from York

As predicted, the much touted figure of 50 000 visitors to the National Cycling Festival 2000 was an inflated target. Companies who booked stands at this years rates and on the promise of the 50k were disappointed with the actual turnout

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