Will IBDs prosper in an era of mass market customisation?

According to the marketing magazine Precision Marketing (3 July 2000) the American car building giant General Motors is to invest $1.7bn in its E-commerce operation, e-GM, which it hopes will see the manufacturer sell up to 80 per cent of its cars custom-built over the internet by 2003. But they will still be delivered via dealers. Will all high-end bike manufacturers follow suit?

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Log-book for cyclists backed by Halfords and others

A former IBD, now working for a major IT company, has set up a bike registration service that is said to be backed by Halfords, Dawes, Moore Large and others. And, says, the site is produced in association with Raleigh. Bike Register will also be CoBRs product of the month for August.

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All over the shop?

Channel 4s coverage of this years Tour de France is a bit erratic. The programme schedulers seem to be playing with our loyalties: do you set the video or watch the extra programmes that few will hear about?

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