Marketing to the segment of one

Built-to-order products delivered via the internet will be commonplace before this decade is out. Shoes, jeans, computers (think Dell), and furniture will all be made to order with the slightest peccadillo being catered for. Oh, and most top-end bikes will be made this way too.

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Montgomery resigns as president of COLIBI

In a press release we were faxed last week but which was embargoed until today, Brian Montgomery, president of COLBI (the Eurowide equivalent of the Bicycle Association) and chairman of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association, gives his reasons for his resignation

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Plymouth cancelled

For those of you who don't check out the bulletin board (not that many of you, as it happens although most people 'browse' rather than add comments of their own) here's a press release that was posted there earlier...

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