Can Alfresco excite the outdoor trade?

It may feel like ancient history already or it may feel as though it was only yesterday. Whatever. However, there's no escaping the fact the Cycle & Leisure Show 2001 is only 287 days away! And, if David Hyde's idea pays off, it will have a satellite outdoor show attached to it

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CTC seeks to update itself

In its last mission statement the CTC aimed at reaching the milestone of 50 000 members. This it has now done and the target has now been raised to 100 000. Can the CTC reach out to the masses and tickle the fancies of the media in the same way Sustrans has done? And will the CTC work with IBDs, or against them? Plans for a Cyclists Consumers Association may bring the CTC in conflict with the cycle industry as a whole...

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Down the Toobz

Flat sales of puncture-proof inner tubes leads inventor to complain that British IBDs are missing out on a valuable additional source of revenue

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Good chance to win beer

The ACT Euro conference voting thingy on page 39 of our latest issue has had very few entries so far. And this despite the free crate of beer! Perhaps it was the tight deadline? It has now been extended so email your vote to David Hyde ASAP. Because of the low 'turnout' (apathy strikes again!) you've a very good chance of winning the booze!

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