Distribution deal brought forward by one month

Paligap ready for Muc-Off orders

Paligap is able to take orders on the full Muc-Off range from today ahead of the first delivery, due later this week.

Originally, dealers would not have been able to order until May 1st. However, Paligap’s marketing man, Ben Gaby has confirmed to BikeBiz: "As of today we are able to supply Muc-Off to the Uk’s IBD’s. The supply date has been brought forward by one month.

"The interest in the range has exceeded our most optimistic predictions and we are very pleased to be able to supply the UK’s IBD’s one month ahead of the original distribution date. We have some money saving stocking in packages for new dealers and of course we will be looking after the existing Muc-Off dealers with packages as well."

Tel: 01179 823 673
Email: sales@paligapltd.co.uk

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