Friday video round up, featuring DIY 'Mega Ramp'

Kickstarters, backflips over buses and tackling the L'Etape Du Tour for beginners - we have it all this week
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It's Friday, which means that we give you permission to relax and catch up with the week's cycling action from around the world.

First up, an instant classic from New York BMX manufacturer FBM, who take their many years experience of building ramps out of nothing more than pallets and nails to create a home made 'mega ramp'.

Another week, another kickstarter. This week, our pick of the bunch is the Handleband, which has already blasted past its funding target. Take a look below:

Ever fancied taking on a stage of the Tour De France? In particular the L'Etape Du Tour? Well you're in luck, Jaguar and Team Sky have a video with some tips on what'll you'll need to do to prepare for burning between 6,500 and 7,500 calories per day. 

And speaking of Le Tour, here's a last minute addition to the round-up, a preview of the start of the Tour de France, courtesy of IG Markets Cycling:

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