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Many bikes available in the UK are sourced from Eastern Europe by well-known distributors. Peter Kurshumov would like you to cut out the middleman, and go straight to him. Why? TY18-equipped 26-inch MTBs for $49...

Psst…wanna buy some Bulgarian bikes?

Leader Bikes of Bulgaria is said to be looking for "business partners in the UK."

For $49 per 26-inch bike you get alloy rims, rigid steel frame, and TY18 Shimano gears. An extra $10 buys you the same kit but with a full-suss steel frame.

Factory manager Peter Kurshumov faxed these details over and suggested interested parties take a gander at Leader’s website. The URL for this is given below, however it doesn’t seem to be loading fully so email him instead: leader96@netvisio.net


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