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Well, not so much saucy as useful. Here's a PDF of the 2003 wallchart. This lists a whole load of national and international bike trade specific dates. If you have any dating axes to grind please proof this PDF and get in touch ASAP, it's about to go to print...

Psst, wanna see a saucy calendar?

Click below for a lo-res PDF of the 2003 wall-planner. This will be sent out FOC in the November BicycleBusiness.

When proofed, it will go to print. A hi-res version of the wall-planner will then be pasted to the notable dates section of this website. This may be useful to those international readers of the site who don’t get mailed copies of the magazine, but who want a wallplanner with all of 2003’s major trade shows around the world.


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