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He may not be a media luvvy just yet but hes the nearest weve got. Hes even been on They Think Its All Over. And a forthcoming record attempt should get him and cycling back on the telly. Hes going to attempt the human-powered landspeed record...

Queally keeps cycling in the media spotlight

Olympic cycling gold medallist Jason Queally plans to attempt to break the HPV land speed record in September.

Queallys vehicle a fully-faired recumbent is being designed by Chris Field of Hotta. Quelly rode a Hotta bike in Sydney. The HPV will be built by Reynard, which builds cars for the Formula 1 team, British American Racing.

American Sam Whittingham holds the existing record of 72.24mph.

Queallys attempt will be named the Blueyonder Challenge, after its sponsor, and will cost a cool quarter of a million quid.

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