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BBC2's Working Lunch today featured the "sad story" of the ending of cycle assembly at Triumph Road, Nottingham. Raleigh chairman Philip Darnton was interviewed and stressed that Raleigh bikes will still be quality and will still be available...

Raleigh chairman defends ending of cycle assembly at Triumph Road

"The cost of bicycles has been cheaper in the Far East for some time but the quality hasn’t been there. And Raleigh is a quality brand," said Darnton (but referred to by the Working Lunch reporter as Philip Darnham, and captioned as such too).

"Latterly, with huge investment, particularly in Vietnam, we’ve seen that quality rise and rise. That combination of cost and quality means in future we can supply people with a Raleigh quality bike at a highly competitive price.

"I have a responsibility to appreciate the work that’s gone into the company in its first 117 years; I also have the responsibility to chart its course for the next century as well.

"We are moving to Eastwood, just ten miles away. We will still be employing over 200 people. We will still be making Raleigh bikes, they will be great quality, and they’ll have that badge on the front, and we’ll be proud of that too."

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