Raleigh launches Bottle Amnesty Campaign to the IBD

Raleigh is launching the XLC Bottle Amnesty Campaign, its ‘first of many’ eco-sustainable focused promotions where it will drive the message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, in partnership with key independent retailers.

According to the Government, the UK uses 13 billion plastic bottles. Only 7.5 billion of these bottles are recycled and 5.5 billion go to landfill. Plastic bottles also make up a third of all plastic pollution in the oceans. Raleigh has said it wants to buck this trend and get more people recycling old cycle sports bottles.

“Our idea is that consumers can recycle old cycle water bottles at selected independent retailers and receive a new XLC bottle free of charge (while stocks last),” said a statement.

“The new XLC water bottles given away are made from 100% recycled material and are sustainably sourced.”

At the end of the promotion, when all the bottles have been handed out, Raleigh will collect and recycle the old ones. The promotion is completely free to the retailer – Raleigh will provide the recycle bin (also made from 100% recycled material), digital assets and 50 XLC bottles to give away.

Dealers also have the option to further this campaign and buy extra bottles at a reduced cost, and a full advertising campaign has been set up with the potential to reach 26 million people, Raleigh has said.

The promotion will launch in early August and will run until later this year.

There will also be a ‘find a dealer’ feature on the website so consumers can locate their nearest store.

Raleigh has said it is committed to supporting the IBD with promotions that drive consumers to them and is focused on becoming a more sustainable company.

The bottle amnesty is the ‘first step’ at working with its independent retail network to drive sustainability and the message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Independent cycle shops across the UK and Ireland can find out more about the campaign and register their interest to be involved here.

For further information on sustainability, Saturday delivery or the P&A Partner Scheme, contact sales@raleigh.co.uk or 01773 532 600.

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