Philip Darnton, the MD of Raleigh, today faxed us with his take on the Sturmey Archer debacle

Raleigh MD would welcome DTI inquiry

[Uploaded to on 27th September]

Whilst Raleigh UK is one of the companies within the international Derby Cycle Corporation Group, it is not involved in any way with their business dealings.

Equally, because of their history, proximity and many family associations, people assume that Raleigh and Sturmey Archer are still linked. In fact they have been separate companies for over 15 years.

It is perhaps inevitable that the insolvency of Sturmey Archer has created a great deal of anxiety among those who work at Raleigh and in the wider community of Nottingham.

If the DTI enquiry would put to rest this anxiety, I would be fully in favour of it. We are planning for our longer term future in Nottingham and we need all the support and commitment we can get.

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