Simon Mottram tells Financial Times earnings pre-tax topped £1 million

Rapha expects £39 million turnover in 2014

Simon Mottram has told the Financial Times that he expects Rapha’s 2014 turnover to be worth in excess of £39 million.

In an interview with the paper, Mottram talks about bringing cycle clothing up to the ‘artisan’ standard that hard goods manufacturers had achieved but clothing brands lacked at the time.

Mottram also told the paper that earnings before interest and tax is accounted for had breached £1 million on sales of £28.7 million last year.

Though most Raphga sales stem from online, the brand now commands a chain of eight ‘Cycle Club’ shops, with two in the UK and the rest scattered across Japan, Australia and the US.

To read the full article, see the FT.

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