Repente adds gravel-specific Artax GL to saddle range

Repente has added the gravel-specific Artax GL saddle to its range.

The shaping of the support in the rear part of the saddle is designed to minimise high-pressure points on the ischial bones, said Repente, and pressure relief in the perineal area is guaranteed by the anatomical channel and the smooth profile of the saddle.

“The padding is one of Artax GL’s strong points: made of Eva, a reactive and extremely light material, it has been made thicker in the most delicate support points to maximise comfort even on bumpy terrain, for both cyclists who prefer a more upright sitting position and cyclists who often use the lower part of the handlebars,” said a statement.

“Thanks to the curved tip profile, cyclists can pedal standing up and then go back to a sitting position seamlessly.”

The Artax GL structure is built using LCF (Long Carbon Fibers) technology, which makes the saddle “just rigid enough and non-deformable over time”. The 9×7 mm differential section rail is made of UD carbon fibre and to cover the Repente saddle, a non-slip material has been chosen.

Artax GL weighs 160-165 grams and is available in black and burgundy. UK SRP: £145.

Dealers can pre-order the saddle from Upgrade here.

Read the October issue of BikeBiz below:

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