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Missed out on the big news? This week our most popular stories featured Russell Merry, Dahon and Tern, Easton Bell Sports and more
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1. Russell Merry to leave Cycling Sports Group
It's the talk of Taipei – CSG UK's managing director Russell Merry is leaving the company, four years on from the sale of (then Hot Wheels) to Dorel.

2. Dahon and Tern settle legal dispute
As one blogger called it on Twitter, it's been one of the least pleasant industry wrangles of recent years, but now legal proceedings between Dahon and Tern have been settled.

3. York bike dealer goes from redundancy to creating an expanding business
This article, originally appearing in the March edition of BikeBiz magazine, told the story of how the boss of Cyclestreet in York established a successful bike business after being made redundant.

4. Women's cycle magazine hits news stands soon
Launching today, Women's Cycling aims to reach 25 to 49 year old women as an approachable and informative voice for female riders. Stocked in WH Smiths and supermarkets, it should be one to watch.

5. Zyro becomes exclusive Easton Bell Sports distributor
The big distribution news of the week was the confirmation it would be Zyro picking up Easton Bell Sports and its not inconsiderable brands - Giro, Blackburn, Bell and Easton Cycling.

George Osborne's Budget also earned your attention, though we're still not sure if the tax breaks for manufacturers of ultra-low emission vehicles apply to cycle manufacturers. 

This week's selection of videos includes the latest from Charge's new series of 'Charge TV' films, featuring the owner of the brand himself, Mikhill Pane.

Charge TV: Week 2: Mikill Pane from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

There may be snow forecast for much of the UK this weekend, you can still see the sun through this effort from Raleigh, where cameraman Joe Coales followed the team on a recent trip to sunny Mallorca.

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