Concept reconsiders...

...and books a stand at the Harrogate show after earlier cancelling and promising to spend the cash saved on an in-house showroom instead. And Bike Force signs up too
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The exhibitor numbers are creeping up at the BAGB's International Cycle Convention in Harrogate, 26-28th May.

Concept and Bike Force are the latest signings. More will no doubt join before the 14th May cut-off.

Concept and Bike Force do not make it into the official show catalogue as that's gone to print already. Late comers will, however, make it into the pre-show BicycleBusiness which goes to print on Tuesday. Any later than that will be squeezed into the the four-page show plan produced by BicycleBusiness for distribution at the show itself.

To book tickets for the show call 01832 737881.

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