Friday video round up

Halfords new television advert, more MacAskill madness, a Tour Series re-cap and more flying bikes
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It's been another busy week in the cycling world, with ambitious plans announced from Hope, Press Camp acitivity galore and as usual, some great riding captured on film, some of which you'll see here.

To kick off, here's Halfords' new #getonyourbike television ad showing the many shades of cycling all competing under sunny skies (can't have been filmed here then?) for a nice cool treat...

Next up, you've no doubt already seen this one from Red Bull, but if you've heard about MacAskill's latest flick but yet to find time to watch, here it is:

And that's not the last you'll see of MacAskill this week:

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To follow up on last week's video's, which also included a flying bicycle, here's a slightly less bulky version - dubbed the Paravelo - flying high above houses. This is an Environmental Transport Association project, which now has its own Kickstarter page.

Finally, here's a recap of the action from the Pearl Izumi Tour Series:

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