MODIFIED ARTICLE: Websites should be kept simple, man

Just got a fax (why no email?) about the new Two Wheel Trading site. It's a cool site but needs plugins to play. Will this prevent lots of surfers checking in?
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So many websites out there get fewer hits than they ought to be getting because of overcomplexity. Without the right plug-in - which not everybody will, or can, download - you can't access the snazzy new Two Wheel Trading site. What a shame cos it's a nice site.

Flash sites take for ever to load and won't really come into their own until fast ADSL lines are standard throughout the UK. BikeBiz has an ISDN web link but the internet can still be painfully slow because of too many huge graphics, pointless animations and clever-clever files that make people move on from the site without it downloading fully. That's why it's called surfing; people move on if your site is too slow or too complex.

Websites are driven by good content just as much as flash multimedia effects.

So, here's a tip for all companies looking to get webbed up.

If you're going to create a site that needs plug-ins, have a dead simple version of your site run in parallel. Users can then choose...

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