'Most travelled man in history' has bike stolen in Portsmouth

German cyclist Heinz Stucke started cycling around the world in 1962. And he's still going. Sort of. He's now without a bike. His distinctive 3-speed touring bike - it has two-handlebars - was stolen at the weekend. UPDATE: bike found abandoned on Tuesday, returned to a grateful Stucke...
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He's cycled 335,000 miles and been beaten and shot at but but has never had his bicycle stolen. Until now.

Stucke told the Portsmouth News: "I always sleep with my tent door open so that I can see [the bike]. I woke up at 3am and I immediately thought 'I must check my bike' – like I always do. But when I looked outside, it was gone."

The stolen bike is black with two sets of handlebars and is covered with stickers from around the world.

Stucke also rides with a Bike Friday but on this trip he brought his original bike, used since 1962.

There's a large pic of the bike, and the man, here:


Biog of Stucke here:


Portsmouth Today:


BBC.co.uk return of bike story:


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