In the UK, only Saracen has a C910-equipped bike on the cards, but on the Continent just about every supplier has one. To Shimano, it's the Premium Comfort category of bike that has the most potential for growth

Shimano launch Premium Comfort website

Why aren’t more people riding bicycles, asks Shimano Europe’s PR manager, Eduard Aguilera.

"’The rough ride makes me sore…I’m confused with all the gears… I don’t feel confident using the brakes… I don’t have the energy to ride any distance…’ We’ve all heard complaints like these from people who tried cycling before," said Aguilera.

"The modern consumer is demanding more and more from the bicycle and these demands have not fully been met by traditional cycling technology."

Until Shimano’s Premium Comfort concept, that is!

"In order to get more people on bicycles, the premium bicycle design targets are comfort and easy control. A simple, comfortable, efficient and easy-to-ride bicycle will draw more people into our beautiful world of cycling," promises Aguilera.

The new Premium Comfort website is available in English, German, Dutch, Swedish and

Danish. It carries information on the Euro brands featuring C910-equipped bikes.

There’s a dealer only part of the site and a password-protected part for Premium Comfort bike owners too.

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