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The Olympic edition shoes are being produced in silver combined with a colour matching the main national colour of the racers' countries.

Shimano produces flagged-up road shoes for Olympic riders

Olympic road racers who already ride with Shimano shoes will be offered patriotic SH-R215’s.

The shoes will not be available commercially.

"We hope that these special Olympic edition shoes give our sponsored riders just that little bit of extra morale and strength," said Harald Troost, PR officer for Shimano Europe BV.

Shimano is to carry out neutral technical support during the Olympics, for track, road and MTB. The company will have 25 personnel, four cars, a motorbike and the Shimano truck.

"Although we are limited in our possibilities to carry and promote the Shimano logo during the Olympics, we feel it’s our responsibility as market leader to support and promote the cycling sport at such an important event," said Troost.

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