Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub to offer wind tunnel for cycling

TotalSim will launch a sports engineering facility at Silverstone Park in 2019.

The 26,000 square foot hub will comprise of two wind tunnels: one for cycling and other sports such as speed-skating, skeleton, running and wheelchair athletes; and the other for testing fabrics.

Within the facility, there will be office space, design studios and workshops for production, prototyping and testing.

The hub has been given a £2 million Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Economic Partnership grant.

TotalSim’s managing director Rob Lewis said: “Tapping into the world-class high-tech skills pool around Silverstone enables us to create a unique innovation incubator for companies in sports engineering and services which we predict will have global appeal.

“If we can pool the right things together then we believe that organisations will come from around the world to take advantage of the facility.”

The hub exhibited at last month’s Cycle Show in Birmingham.

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