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More uniques than ever for the MTB site, and it has the Google Analytics to prove it

Singletrack breaks through the million threshold

Singletrack’s online portal singletrackworld.com has joined the one million user club with 1,007,175 unique users recorded last month, according to Google Analytics.

The figure is a significant jump from the 586,981 UU of this time last year. Aside from unique user stats, page views are at 9.2 million per month, up from 7.9m this time last year.

The UK forms the bulk of Singletrack’s readership, but the site does have international reach with the US and Canada hotspots.

"They [the numbers] are big and for a tiny little company based in a sleepy Pennine town we are proud of them. We are also extremely grateful to everyone who has visited our website in the last year, whether it be to simply sell your bike on our classifieds or try and argue that of course the bloody plane will take off."

There’s more here.

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