Knight of the realm and ex-Spurs chairman reveals that he is ‘fanatical’ about bikes

Sir Alan Sugar saddles up

British entrepreneur and star of The Apprentice Sir Alan Sugar has joined the ever-growing list of celebrity cyclists.

In the Money Programme: The Real Sir Alan, broadcast last weekend on BBC1 (available for a limited time on iPlayer), the founder of Amstrad revealed his passion for cycling in the Spanish mountainsides.

In the programme, presenter Fiona Bruce said: “These days he’s not tied to his office. He can work from anywhere, including his villa in Spain, where he can indulge in his new hobby [cycling].

“Friends say he’s almost as fanatical about it as he once was about flying.”

While it’s probably unlikely that Sir Alan will be telling his chauffeur, “you’re fired” in the near future, it’s encouraging to see one of the most high-profile and influential UK business figures showing his support for cycling.

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