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As part of Sky One's forthcoming Aggro documentary series, production company Bullseye Eye is seeking to compare and contrast the views of a two and four wheeled travellers in what Bullseye calls the "age-old argument of cyclists v motorists." PLUS: Faking It uses cycle courier...

Sky TV to air road rage show; seeks mouthy cyclist

Bullseye’s researcher Uzma Iqbal is trying to find a vociferous, London-based two-wheeler.

"Are you fed up with being forced to mount the pavement or being squashed behind a bus? asks Iqbal.

"Have you been a victim of road rage? Would you like to have to have your say?"

What’s the betting the driver will be a cyclist-hating taxi driver and the cyclist a red-light running cycle courier?

Tel: 0207 600 3756.

PLUS: Faking It, the Channel 4 series about making impostors plausible, will feature a nose-studded cycle courier on February 3rd.

He’s taught to becomes a polo player in just four weeks. At the start he can’t even ride a horse. The cyclist for this programme was originally going to be a mountain biking father, and the production company said as such on websites such as Bikemagic.com and singletrackworld.com. However, such a ‘cuddly’ cyclist would not do. This is telly, afterall….

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