Spanish designer Josep Mora has developed a hybrid car, the Fenix 0.9. This roadster uses a 900cc, 150 hp motorcycle engine and a 15 hp electric motor. It also ships with a Dahon folding bike. Prince Felipe and Princess Leticia of Spain could be in the market for the car...well, they're pictured here being shown the thing...

Spanish royalty sniff around concept car and Dahon folder

Mora’s gas/electric car is made from 100 percent recycled material. The Dahon folding bike isn’t.

The car doesn’t use plastic.

"There is zero percent plastic used in the interior of the Fenix," said Mora.

"Only renewable materials are used."

The seats are made of wicker, the floor panels from bamboo, and the dashboard from wood.

"We decorated it like a small apartment," he said.

Tucked in beneath the large hatchback window is a Dahon Presto Lite folding bike.

"This is for added mobility after the car is parked," said Mora. "And it’s very useful in areas like a city centre where parking can be far away."

The energy-efficient bicycle has long been included in Mora’s projects. "I used to design bikes," he said.

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