Bike sharing app Spinlister is up for a US award.

Spinlister and Vanmoof shortlisted for Edison Award

Spinlister, the US bike share system, has been shortlisted for the 2016 Edison Awards. The nomination was for Spinlister’s "smart" bike share app that hooks up renters with bikes from Dutch brand Vanmoof.

"Our system can save cities millions of dollars," said Spinlister’s chief marketing officer Andrew Batey. "The bikes are owned by the individuals in each city and not operated by a company, and it allows cities to reallocate funds they had earmarked for bike share programs into other projects creating a greater impact for the residents."

He told BikeBiz that Spinlister has often offered cities the tech behind the bike share for free, "yet cities ignore our offer and have consistently chosen to spend valuable [money] on a system known to fail."

He said that Spinlister was the "worlds first bike share system that’s sustainable and doesn’t require any government aid."

The system works by owners buying Vanmoof bikes to leave on city streets, with revenue from renters shared between the bike owners and Spinlister.

The usual Spinlister model is for owners to rent out their own bikes, and in some US cities there’s an eclectic mix of bikes available, from high-end road bikes to one-of-a-kind roadsters.

Spinlister launched in Santa Monica, California in April 2012. The winners of the Edison Awards are announced in New York on April 21st.

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