A double-page spread ad in a US bike mag carries no brand marks but urges readers to visit willyoumaketheleap.com and promises to reveal all on April 7th. However, a quick reverse IP look-up at Whois reveals that the domain is likely owned by SRAM. The ad campaign is therefore likely to be for SRAM's new road groupset.

SRAM’s road group to launch April 7th?

You’ll need Flash 8 to access the site.

A quick look at http://www.whois.sc/willyoumaketheleap.com reveals that the site was registered in January by a third-party registrant to mask who’s doing the teasing but when BikeBiz.com did a reverse IP check, the sites listed were Avidbike.com, Blackboxracing.com and other SRAM sites.

SRAM did not buy all the domains connected with the name so .org, .info, .biz and .us are still up for grabs. Hopefully, SRAM will plug this gap soon…


Spotter: http://bicyclemarketingwatch.blogspot.com/bicyclemarketingwatch.blogspot.com

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