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Steer clear of fake forks, says RockShox

A statement from RockShox claims the SRAM-owned company has seen a "considerable increase in RockShox branded suspension forks sold online with the product serial number scratched off of the fork crown."

These fake forks could be "potentially dangerous to use and are not covered by the SRAM Warranty."

SRAM advises: "Do not ride forks that have the product serial number scratched off."

The company adds: "RockShox forks with scratched off serial numbers are typically purchased from an unauthorized online retailer who is shipping directly from a factory. Without an identifiable product serial number, it is impossible to distinguish a genuine RockShox fork from a counterfeit reproduction."

Genuine RockShox forks have a unique serial number that is laser-engraved on the backside of the fork crown. Each fork and corresponding serial number is cataloged as a part of SRAM’s manufacturing process.

The only way for a consumer to guarantee they are purchasing genuine RockShox forks is to purchase from authorised dealers.

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