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Do you display the sticker? The TF2 sticker, that is. From Weldtite. If you do you are in with the chance of being plucked from the crowd and given £200 worth of Weldtite products. The first four IBD winners have been chosen

Stick em up

The winners are:


Polson Cycles, Rochdale.

Supplied by Bob Elliott Agencies, Manchester


Ken Elleker Cycles, Hull.

Supplied by Moore Large and Co., Derby.


S.H. Wood Cycles, Cleethorpes

Supplied by Raleigh P&A


Fosters Cycles, Rotherham

Supplied by Bob Elliott Agencies, Manchester

There will be two new winners each month until the end of August.

But and heres a plea to Hamish please give your mystery shoppers a bigger petrol allowance next time, so far theyve not ventured very far from Weldtites Humberside HQ!


Top = Chris Polson, left, with Geoff Lee of Weldtite

Middle = Steve Wood

Bottom = Ken Ellerker

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