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Architects to build 700 bike capacity hub that will host showers, repairs and more

Stockholm to build parking garage just for bicycles

Stockholm is set to further encourage already strong levels of cycling by building a city centre parking garage, complete with showers, bike repair and more, exclusively for use by cyclists.

Belatchew Architects, the firm behind the build, has outlined plans for a garage capable of holding 700 cycles securely, located on an existing cycle route and just a stone’s throw from the city’s South Station.

“The city of the future is not one built around the car as a means of transportation,” says Roger Mogert, city planning commissioner for Stockholm. “This requires that we make it easier to travel by bike, and of course arranging for safe and efficient parking solutions is one step towards that goal.”

The build is to be topped by 57 homes, which will house residents that do not own a car.

Find out more about the project here.

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