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Sugoi, the Canadian clothing company, has been trying to wrestle sugoi.com from "a couple of pesky cybersquatters" for eight years. The company has used sugoi.ca to date.

Sugoi beats off cybersquatter to claim Sugoi.com

"A resolution has finally been reached, without the use of lacrosse or hockey sticks – the traditional Canadian dispute resolution method," said Sugoi’s Paul Done.

For the time being, www.sugoi.com will redirect to the existing site at www.sugoi.ca, but in the course of the next few months, all of Sugoi’s corporate identity will be phased into the .com domain. At the same time, all Sugoi employees now have new .com email addresses, though the old email addresses with be forwarded through for the foreseeable future.

The new domain will host the wide variety of online tools which are currently available to Sugoi’s retailers and reps including online inventory and order status inquiries, account maintenance, POP and catalogue databases, along with news and reviews, both current and archived, said a statement from Sugoi.

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