Sustrans calls on Government to take ‘meaningful’ action on road transport emissions

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has launched a new strategy with the aim to “clean up our air and save lives”.

The measures set out in the Clean Air Strategy will cut the costs of air pollution to society by £1.7 billion every year by 2020, rising to £5.3 billion every year from 2030.

However, walking and cycling charity Sustrans has said it is ‘disappointed’ by the Government’s ‘failure’ to tackle solutions to reduce emissions from motor vehicles.

CEO Xavier Brice said: “The strategy is overly reliant on reactive measures and technological solutions to address poor quality air, leaving other, currently ineffective, pre-existing plans to tackle roadside emissions.

“It is clear we need fewer, not just cleaner, vehicles on our roads to truly tackle poor air quality, and while the strategy acknowledges this it does not provide any new funding or measures aimed at achieving a meaningful shift towards walking and cycling.

“We call again on the UK Government to take meaningful action on road transport emissions by investing more into high-quality cycling and walking infrastructure which allows families to cycle and walk to school and amenities with confidence so that it is the most obvious choice for shorter journeys.”

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